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How to fix when iPhone Messages Keeps Crashing?

iPhone issues are harmless, however, they can crash several applications on your iPhone if not rectified in proper time. You may often be a victim of severe iPhone glitches, one of which include iPhone messages keeps crashing or even your iPhone rebooting errors. It turns out to be quite an annoying issue when you can’t…

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A Complete Guide Of Unlocking iPhone through iTunes

The security is the major factor which steals the show and has provided Apple the prior recognition. Or else, anyone can breach through the iPhone protection and get access to the internal files. However, this article aims to direct you the procedure of unlocking iPhone through iTunes with comprehensive instructions. Besides, Apple has incorporated the…

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Fix iPhone Died and won’t Turn on while charging

Several iPhone users have experienced a dead iPhone scenario. While browsing the internet or playing games, all of a sudden you might find that your iPhone dead and won’t charge. Even your iPhone does not respond after multiple attempts to turn it back on. Is this means that your iPhone is completely dead and you…

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What are the Methods to Factory Reset iPhone 7 without Passcode

Your iPhone might require a factory reset for the technical fixing of minor glitches to restore its working. Moreover, you might also perform a factory reset for removing your personal details before transferring it to another user. It is also necessary to reset your device before restoring data from an iCloud backup. Usually, a factory…

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How to Restore iPhone Without Updating [Step Wise Guide]

restore iPhone without updating

Often, iPhone users experience this problem where they fail to access their gadgets and need to restore them immediately. But, many customers have reported that they can’t restore iPhone without updating iOS or any other OS version. However, there are situations when you really need to perform a factory reset without clicking on the update…

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How to Fix iPhone could not be Restored Error 9?

iPhone Restore error 9 occurs when the users fail to restore their iPhone with a software. iTunes Error 9 originates when connectivity issues arise while restoring your device. In other cases, this error pops up while using iTunes on your Apple device. A faulty USB cable or port hampers the connection and results in such…

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How to Activate New iPhone through iTunes?

Often, iPhone users can experience the issue of deactivation of their devices due to various technical issues. Many times, this leads to much-complicated error where it doesn’t allow the users to activate their iPhones. So, gbwhen this activation problem occurs on iPhone, it can simply generate an alert message for the customers. According to this…

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Why iPhone not showing up in iTunes Windows 10

At the time of connecting iPhones to a Windows 10 computer, many users face some problems. And, as for our concern, iPhone not showing up in iTunes Windows 10 is one of these problems that create an annoying situation to the users. In this case, Windows 10 Operating System stops to recognize the iOS devices.…

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Know How to Perform a Hard Reset iPhone 6 on your own

iPhone 6 is one of the most popular smartphones worldwide. It includes several features like – it’s own Operating System, 1810 mAh battery, a 4.70-inch touchscreen display. However, despite being a well-featured phone, it is not free from the occasional glitches. On that note, sometimes you have to perform a Hard Reset iPhone 6. It…

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