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How to Activate New iPhone through iTunes?

Often, iPhone users can experience the issue of deactivation of their devices due to various technical issues. Many times, this leads to much-complicated error where it doesn’t allow the users to activate their iPhones. So, gbwhen this activation problem occurs on iPhone, it can simply generate an alert message for the customers. According to this…

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Why iPhone not showing up in iTunes Windows 10

At the time of connecting iPhones to a Windows 10 computer, many users face some problems. And, as for our concern, iPhone not showing up in iTunes Windows 10 is one of these problems that create an annoying situation to the users. In this case, Windows 10 Operating System stops to recognize the iOS devices.…

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How to Create Apple Id without Credit Card?

In the network of Apple and Apple devices, you would be primarily needing your Apple ID. You can use it on your iTunes, iCloud, iDevices, emails and you can even use them on your Mac computers. Furthermore, creating an Apple ID is a simple task if you have a credit card with you to do…

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Thinking About How to Backup iTunes?

Apple iTunes plays a crucial role in backing up important data. Besides the iCloud technique, you can get your audio as well as well as video data through iTunes. So, “how to backup iTunes?” is the most essential factor before restoring the documents. However, you can read the article to learn the process and our…

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How to Fix Verification Failed iTunes Error in Simple Steps?

If you own an iPhone, you are likely to come across certain technical complications with regular usage. Often, you may find yourself stuck with verification failed iTunes error. The moment you attempt to connect to iTunes from your iPhone, it comes up with the error stating ‘Apple ID verification failed’ message. This error might seem…

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Why Apple Application Support was not Found Windows 10?

Apple Application Support is an important software component that helps to run the applications that are installed in your device. To connect iTunes with the iOS devices, this program is very much important as well. But in recent times, it starts to show some issues regarding Apple Application Support was not found. This particular issue…

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What are the Methods to fix iTunes Error Code (-1)?

iTunes is used to run video, audio, and all sorts of media available. Seldom, users encounter some error messages related to iTunes. iTunes error code (-1) is one such issue that occurs when the users are trying to sync, restore, update or backup something on their device. As a result, it does not allow to…

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